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Play Ball! Atlantic League Announces Start of 2021 Season!

The Atlantic League announced today that it will open its 23rd official Championship Season on May 28, 2021.

As they work with team executives on additional details of the 2021 season, including COVID-19-related safety protocols, league officials said they were eager to announce the season’s start date.

“Our priority is protecting public welfare, and we still have much to do,” said ALPB President Rick White. “The league is finalizing the admission of new teams, conducting player signings, and working with our Major League Baseball partners on test initiatives for the ’21 campaign.

We are mindful of government safety concerns, especially ballpark attendance allowances. But even as we address those challenges, we feel it critical to announce our intention to play a full season this year. Atlantic League baseball is an essential part of our communities, and we hope this announcement provides inspiration to all our fans.”

White said additional details regarding the full 2021 season will be released soon and stressed that the league is working to ensure the safety of fans, players, coaches, and team personnel for the season ahead.