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We love Our Community

We’re Storming the community and we want to talk with you! As the Stormers Community Outreach has grown in demand, the range of topics for our speakers has grown.

The Stormers players love getting out into the community. Invite your favorite player to your special event to talk about their experiences, answer questions, or just interact with fans. Whether you’re a charity, school, or local business we want you to have a chance to get to know the Stormers players on a more personal level.

Our favorite topic is still baseball, but our Community Outreach members also enjoy talking about the “business of the ballpark” as well. Here are just a few examples:

  • Charity and Community Service: “Storming the Community” – Hear why service is a priority for us, what causes and issues we support, and how together we can make our community a better place to live.
  • Customer Service: “Earn Every Fan” – No business wants to have just “buyers.” We all want to have fans of our products and services. Hear how the Stormers strive to earn every fan who walks through our stadium gates and what we do to keep them coming back.
  • Teamwork: “Teamwork 101” – No one player gets to the Hall of Fame on his own. It takes timely hitting, consistent pitching, solid defense and smart management to win baseball games. The same principals apply in business. Hear how the Stormers relate their teamwork on the field to their teamwork in the corporate office.
  • Creative Marketing: “Selling an Experience” – Stormers baseball is much more than hits, runs and errors. It’s an experience from the moment fans walk into the stadium until we turn the lights off at the end of a game. Hear what goes into creating an affordable, first-class experience that stays fresh and entertaining for our fans.

The Stormers Community Outreach is the best way we can answer your questions – in person. Our speaking engagements routinely end with question-and-answer sessions and often include our most popular staff member, Cylo.

To learn more about the Stormers Community Outreach, or to reserve a Stormers player, coach or staff member to speak at your next meeting, email Maureen Wheeler at mwheeler@lancasterstormers.com.