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Major League Baseball Partner League

Bobblehead trading day

at clipper magazine stadium

Sunday, August 25th | Early Entry at 1:00pm | Gates open at 2:00pm | Game starts at 3:00pm

Come join us on Sunday, August 25th for our Super Cylo Bobblehead giveaway! We will have Spring Necks here to show off and trade their bobblehead collections!

Use this link to purchase a $12 ticket that grants you early access to the bobblehead collections and entry into the game!

There will be tables lining the concourse for people to set up bobbleheads, advertise, and trade.

The regular ticket to the event is for people who are interested browsing, walking around, or slightly trading. If you have a large collection that you would like to display please fill out the form below. 

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Bobblehead Trading Day