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50/50 Program

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Support charitable causes with the Lancaster Stormers - and possibly take home half of our jackpot - by purchasing your 50/50 Raffle ticket at every Lancaster Stormers home game!

Tickets may be purchased in two different ways while visiting Clipper Magazine Stadium during each Lancaster Stormers game. Fans may purchase tickets at the 50/50 kiosk, which is located at the front gates. Additionally, fans may purchase tickets throughout the game from their seat from a 50/50 vendor walking around the seating bowl. Raffle tickets will be sold from the time gates open until the seventh inning. The winning ticket number will be announced at the end of each night or series inside the stadium & posted on this page. Winners do not need to be present to win & have thirty (30) days to claim their prize!


April 30th: A-5802136

May 1st: A-2459823

May 2nd: A-4643368

May 3rd: A-8153887

May 4th: A-5091271

May 5th: A-4819559

May 7th: A-5541747

May 8th: A-8666782

May 9th: Keep tickets for 5/17

May 17th: A-8280615

May 18th: A-5328161

May 19th: A-6373926

May 21st: A-7811633

May 22nd: A-5093254

May 23rd: A-5123124

May 31st: A-4073086

June 1st: A-1420801

June 2nd: A-4772185

June 4th: A-7695358

June 5th: Keep tickets for 6/6

June 6th: A-7922237

June 14th: A-6797377

June 15th:

June 16th:

June 25th:

June 26th:

June 27th:

June 28th:

June 29th:

June 30th:

June 31st:

July 9th:

July 10th:

July 11th:

July 12th:

July 13th:

July 14th:

July 19th:

July 20th:

July 21st:

July 23rd:

July 24th:

July 25th:

August 6th:

August 7th:

August 8th:

August 13th:

August 14th:

August 15th:

August 16th:

August 17th:

August 18th:

August 23rd:

August 24th:

August 25th:

September 3rd:

September 4th:

September 5th:

September 10th:

September 11th:

September 12th:

September 13th:

September 14th:

September 15th:


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